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COVID-19 Protocols

We are still following screening questionnaire, mandatory masking, and following isolation protocols to prevent the spread of any contagious infections like Covid-19 and Influenza. Your safety and our staff's safety is our top priority.


Pre-Appointment Screening

Our office will communicate with patients prior to appointments to review new office protocols and ask pre-treatment screening questions. You will be contacted via phone or email, dependent upon your communication preferences. Physicians are able to do a variety of appointments such as telephone triage, tele-video visits, direct access to our isolation room, and in some cases quick examinations in the parking lot. We encourage you to cooperate with our staff so we can accommodate the best visit for you



We ask patients to remain in their vehicles or wait in the building main lobby, until their scheduled appointment time to avoid congestion in the office waiting area, enabling social distancing. We are avoiding overcrowding in our reception area and strongly advising against walk ins unless absolutely necessary. 



Please arrive alone in the office for your appointment. In case you are a caretaker or family of a geriatric / disabled patient, an elderly requiring assistance or someone needing a translator, or need to bring someone along into the office for assistance, please notify us before your appointment.


Patient Hand Hygiene

We will ask all patients to use hand sanitizer upon entering the office. A team member will meet you shortly and verify your answers to the pre-appointment screening questions.


Patient Attire

We ask patients to wear a mask upon arrival to the building. Shoe covers will also be offered upon arrival.


Air Purification System

We have installed an air purification system to cycle and clean office air through medical grade HEPA filters. This ensures that no contagions spread throughout that air or the building   


Office Barriers

We have glass barriers at the office reception of our office as an added measure for the safety of our patients and staff members.


Reception area

We have cleared our reception area of extra TV's, remote controls, and magazines. This is to avoid cross contamination of surfaces. The available seating is limited and rearranged to provide social distancing.


Additional Personal Protective Equipment

All team members will wear masks continuously while present in the office. Your clinical team will be utilizing N95 / KN95 respirators, surgical masks, as well as clinical jackets/isolation gowns, face shields, eye protection, and shoe covers.


Limit In-Office Payment

In an effort to abide by social distancing guidelines and person-to- person contact, a team member will contact you prior to your appointment to set up electronic payment arrangements.

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