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Request a Prescription from Dr Smruti Nalawadi

Ask your current doctor or nurse practitioner for an inHealth prescription or simply download the inHealthNow app and choose your doctor from the dropdown menu. If your provider is unfamiliar with the inHealth health coach services, let them know they can fill out a form on the inHealth website to get registered.

Download App & Schedule Visit

Go to the app store and download the inHealthNow app , and then register. Once registered, you can self schedule with your doctor of a coach or we will contact you to schedule your first visit. You can also start tracking your food and exercise, and connect to a smart scale or wearable tracker.


Meet with your Health Coach

Open the app a few minutes before your visit is scheduled to receive the video call from your doctor or inHealth coach. Chronic care and prevention visits will occur on either a weekly or biweekly basis with a dedicated health coach


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