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Now is a good time to get your metabolic health assessed 

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to re-think how we manage our day to day life and health. Clearly,  patients who have had complications from COVID-19 have shown worse prognosis with comorbidities like obesity and diabetes. As a result, it’s a good time to get one’s metabolic health assessed in order to take control or act right away to reverse or stop the progression of such conditions. Studies have shown even a 5% decrease in body weight will significantly decrease the comorbidities.


 If you are not sure  about your risk factors and want to get your metabolic health assessed or not sure  if you are on the right path with your diet and fitness regimen, please call us and make an appointment. We will take all precautions and space out each visit to avoid unnecessary exposure during delicate COVID19 pandemic. 

We are also equipped for tele and video visits under the current CDC guidelines  for COVID and until these recommendations exist. We prefer to do physicals and initial appointments as in person visit and schedule follow-up over video and  telehealth visits but this can be modified. 


Please call us to schedule your visit .


If office visit is not an option we can arrange for Video visits as well.

Doctor Using Digital Tablet
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