About Dr Mohtashami

Dr. Shiva Mohtashami is a Fellow of the American Board of Family Medicine. Dr. Mohtashami has been in practice for 9 years. She has experience in treating diabetes, hypertension, obesity medicine, women’s health, heart disease, lung disease, nutritional problems, stroke, geriatric conditions and pediatrics.


Dr. Mohtashami offfers annual physicals to adults and seniors. Her main focus is on preventive medicine and women's health.


Dr.Mohtashami’s hobbies are outdoor activities such as swimming, hiking and spending time with her kids and family.


Dr Mohtashami began her college career at the University of British Colombia in Vancouver, Canada and then went on to attend medical school at American University of Caribbean School of Medicine. 

Dr. Mohtashami completed her Family Medicine Residency at Medical College of Wisconsin Saint Joseph Family Medicine program where she earned a top Academic Achievement Award during graduation.